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The Making of Soren Johannsen

Manufacturer: William Higgins

Running time: approx. 90 minutes.
When i met Soren for the first time, his first words to me were, " Hello Mr. Higgins - can you do something with me?" I wasn't too sure how best to answer that question at first. I this film, I introduce you to one of the most genuinely naive and nervous guys I have met in this country. I obviously decided, pretty quickly, that I could do quite a lot of 'somethings' with him - and the 5 scenes of this film are the result. We took Soren through the regular process in the Studio and we watched and recorded as he explored, enjoyed, examined, and in the final scene - when things got a little rough - even endured what sex with a hard man really means! i hope you enjoy watching it too.
Cast: Soren Johannsen, Josef Socher
Director: Williams Higgins


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