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Sublime Moi - Kissable Glamour Powder - strawberry 30g

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Content: 30 g
Price per 1 kilogramme: 663,33 EUR
The sleek and gently scented love yourself! body powder »sublime moi« promises sweet moments of loving. Applied to partner’s body with the fluffy soft feather brush, it opens the door to indulge in passionate nibbles and love bites. sublime moi promises scented, silky skin - its seductive perfume quickening your senses.

- delicate, velvety body powder
- fluffy, soft feather brush included
- gives body a scented, silky feel all over
- seductive scent quickens the senses
- opens the door for passionate nibbling

Flavor: royal strawberry
- sheaths skin with a touch of delicate, pale and elegant rose
- creamy fruity notes of strawberry


19.90 EUR

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