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Romans and Gladiators

Manufacturer: Arena Entertainment

Running time: approx. 90 minutes.
Check out this hot and steamy sex between the ROMANS AND GLADIATORS. These Gladiators must prove to each other that they are men of honor, men or bravery, men of courage, and men of ass. Wait until you see just how these men must compete against one another, full the ultimate battle of cock. These men will have to prove, who is the best cock sucker, and ass fucker of the land. The last one fucking will be honored as the best cock crazed man of all ROMANS AND GLADIATORS. Don’t miss out on this incredible ass pounding journey.
Boys: hot young Latinos
Sex: oral, anal, rimming, cumshot, 
Cast: Jhunior, Ricco, Jonathan, Leo Sabastian, Dieesel, Mendes, Alan, Apollo


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