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Permanent Ass Plug - Small

This Plug is designed especially for those of you who want to wear it for a loooong time. Made from hi grade aluminium, this plug has a removable element so you can either peek inside or perform your bodily functions (in this case: watch out that the plug doesn't fall out and break your toilet bowl).

The removable element has a sturdy eyelet so you can attach something to hold it in place. As an extra we've added a douche converter: when you replace the coil by this piece, you have converted your plug into a fully functional shower head for internal cleansing!

Plug Length: approx.†7,5 cm
Insertable Length: approx.†7 cm
Total length: approx.†12 cm
Diameter: approx. 40/30 mm
Material: Aluminium


44.90 EUR

incl. VAT. + shipping