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Manufacturer: Bel Ami

Running time: approx. 150 minutes
Paint, brushes, spray cans and a horde of horny boys, that is what makes up the basis for Graffiti. Before each scene the boys let loose with spray paint, brushes, hands, feet and any other body part they desire and decorate the walls to a design of their own choosing. While none of the boys qualifies as an upcoming Rembrandt, Whistler or Monet, they all certainly have a lot of fun getting to know each other before the real action begins.
Boys: young Collegeboys
Sex: anal fucking, Blow-Jobs, rimming, two-ways, three-ways, four-ways.
Directed by: Marty Stevens
Cast: Josh Elliot, Justin Boyd, Luke Hamil, Paul Valery, Henri Gaudin, Trevor Yates, Kurt Diesel, Kevin Elola, Hans Klee, Elias Kudrow, Davy Paxton, Jerome Reynolds, Andreas Mouskouri.
Specials: Trailer


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