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Flings 3

Manufacturer: Bel Ami

Running time: approx. 120 minutes.
In 5 passionate and uninhibited 'flings' (love affairs), 10 great Bel Ami boys give their best. With either stars like Luke Hamill and Paul Valery (cover boy of bestseller Rebel) or newcomers like horse hung Kevin Elola: in the third installment of the flings series a horny sex adventures follows the next one. With a running time of nearly 2 hours and the typical sweet East-European boys for Bel Ami. Directory George Duroy releases once again a great new film. Lavish outdoor and indoor shootings, a great choice of famous stars but also many hot newcomers, romantic scenes and unrestrained sex. The film is released in the Premium Collection, the series of the biggest films of Bel Ami!
young, athletic College-Boys
Sex: anal and oral, rimming, two-ways, three-ways, four-ways, outdoor sex, big dicks
Directed by:
George Duroy
Cast: Luke Hamill, Jean Ledoux, Andreas Mouskouri, Brandon Manilow, Davy Paxton, Kevin Elola, Oleg Tarkowski, Paul Valery, Rick Fontana, Todd Rosset


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