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Farm Boys

Manufacturer: Hard On TV

Running time: approx. 130 minutes.
These rugged British Farm Boys just can't keep their calves together - and they love to milk a rock hard cock! First off, hunky Nathan finds his buddy Calvin stroking his aroused manhood in the hay barn. "Don't waste it" he says, and before you know it Calvin is bending over for some deep bareback action! Next, the tractor has broken down but Nathan's big dick is working fine and ploughs quite a furrow in handsome farm hand Jon's tight backside! The cows need milking but that will have to wait because rugged farm hands Jon and Matt want to milk each other's big stiff knobs first. Anyone for dairy cream? Ben catches Matt bunking off in the field.
Cast: Jon Janes, Calvin Coxxx, Randy Morrison, Benjamin O'Neill, Matt Ritchie, Luke Pounder, Nathan Storm, ...


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