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Cadinot Classics Nr. 01

Manufacturer: Cadinot

Running time: approx. 110 minutes.
Escalier de Service
When you're 18 years old, where do you have to go to be able to fuck in peace? A staircase? But what if the two decorators painting upstairs lay down their tools?

Garcons de Reves In the confessional, a teenager shamelessly recalls his experiences to a young priest. But the stories of special care in a clinic soon interfere with the priest's vows ...

Hommes de Chantier
A young apprentice tends to his urgent needs in the bathroom, where one of his colleagues finds him after hearing strange noises from the plumbing.

Stop A guy thumbing a lift wearing what can barely be defined as a pair of shorts gets shown some off-road action by the young motorcyclist who stops to give him a ride.
Cast: Bruno de Walberg, Lucien Malard, Pierre Tanguy, Elyes Ardini, Raphael Carter, Ralph, Christian Hoarau, ...


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