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Backless Bum - black/yellow

Manufacturer: BarcodeBerlin

Barcode Backless Bum - the right jock for fetishists. Hot in the front and hotter in the back.

The Blackless Bum Jock comes in hip Fetish-Style in shiny leatherette. The material mix of polyester and elastane feels like as soft leather and packed the wearer with fresh wet look.

The brief cut with backless provides comfortable wearing feeling with hot insight and sight. The soft, quilted waistband and the two-coloured rubber stripes fits the jock perfectly on your body. The design will be round up with contrast borders.

The Barcode logo in the front indicates to your good taste.

Material: 92% polyester, 8% elastane
Color: Black/Yellow


34.90 EUR
26.90 EUR

incl. VAT. + shipping