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Alfresco Arse-Raiders 2

Manufacturer: Staxus

Running time: approx. 150 minutes.
Nothing beats sex in the great outdoors - as this bunch of horny rascals are only too eager and willing to demonstrate. No mundane, vanilla, indoor sex for these boys. First opportunity and they’re fucking away with the wind in their hair and the sun in their eyes; totally uninhibited in their wanton fornication, and maybe even getting a buzz from the thought of getting caught! Johnathan Strake, Chris Jansen and Paul Walker are just a few of the legendary buddies who like their action to be unrestrained by indoor orthodoxies!
Cast: Mike Branco, Johny Cherry, Evan, Florian, Chris Jansen, Chad Johnstone, Angel Lopez, Ray Mannix, Johnathan Strake, Mickey Taylor, Paul Walker, ...


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