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31 - Bad Conduct Discharge

Manufacturer: Angry Young Man

Running time: approx. 60 minutes.
Self-shot jackoff videos of three big-dicked military men! Seaman Charlie can swallow his giant bone and taped himself sucking it for his long-distance girlfriend (who sent us the tape long after they split up). His fat uncircumcised hog shoots twice. Bodybuilder Tony asks his girlfriend to shoot a pre-competition tape, which for some reason includes footage of him tugging his 9" cock and producing two impressive floods of Italian baby batter. And last but not least - Brooklyn Mikey. Fresh out of the Navy, he shoots an "audition" for a nonexistant porn studio in hopes of landing some free pussy. He strokes his long pony six ways to Sunday, then blows his wad into a transparent plastic vagina.


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