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22 - Check Out My Furniture

Manufacturer: Angry Young Man

Running time: approx. 60 minutes.
A lanky navy kid yanks his giant bone. Stalwart University studs pee in the shower. A naked scrappy Marine talks smack 'bout sex...
This title is built around some purloined footage of a lanky, well-hung Navy kid, enjoying an extended wank to a stack of glossy magazines he keeps stashed under the sink in his off-base apartment. He pounds his oversized penis in a frustrated attempt to blow a wad, but maybe he's vaguely aware of the two cameras hidden in the room... or maybe we just don't see the spooge. Somehow, those "big boys" rarely break any ejaculatory distance records. Also included: several shots of a few muscular young studs soaping up their stuff in the gang showers.


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