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15 - Heads Up! Slick Decks.

Manufacturer: Angry Young Man

Running time: approx. 60 minutes.
Intoxicated Marines playing naked elimination water-polo! Steam Room & Locker-Room Footage! One of the most bizarre rituals of male aggression we've seen. It must be a recon thing - neither of the former Marines nor our staff could explain it. Two Hi-8 cameras concealed under diving blocks capture these sixteen naked, drunken marines running around the perimeter of an indoor training tank, hurling volleyballs at each other's heads. These guys play until they're exhausted, then they sneak out of the tank and head back to the steam room, showers and locker rooms. We stalked one kid in particular -  a fresh, scrubbed, all American Marine with a thick, overly developed uncircumcised mantool, just hangin' there. We followed him for two nights just to document his amazing, perfectly foreskinned pony, hoping that he'd pick up some dimes from the floor with that thing... Also, urinal footage and video from the shower rooms at the USN dependant gym included.


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